Why Twitter cannot add this basic hashtags editing feature?

When you write several tweets containing the same hashtags, you have to type the hashtags again and again.

Twitter autocompletes the hashtag names as you type them, and suggests some hashtags.

Twitter should show the hashtags you typed in your previous recent tweets, first in the list.

But It does not and you have too much typing to do.

I've been wondering why they still have not included this simple feature in their mobile or web clients.

Anyone listening...

... to this blog via RSS or JSON Feed? Say Hello at jy@stervinou.com :)

This is a test.


I just added a JSON Feed to my blog. Here it is. That's in addition to the RSS feed.

What is Customer Service?

Customer Service is transforming sadness into happiness.

Central Park Price?

Thought experiment : what would be the price for Central Park if it became developable?

It's not as easy as it appears to calculate, as all the other surrounding buildings value would drop if the park disappeared. :-D

I found this estimate.

You can use your preferred pocket calculator.

The lost infrastructure of social media by Anil Dash

Anil: The lost infrastructure of social media -- Very detailed overview of how services available during the blogs early days evolved until now.

Tech is cyclic

Tech is cyclic by Dave Winer.


Giving Silos Their Due

Giving Silos Their Due by Doc.


I want my own blogging/aggregator software to work transparently with other blogging/aggregator software.

I should be able to :

  • blog on my own site/app
  • subscribe to other blogs easily from my own site/app
  • mention other people (blogs) easily
  • read blogs on my own site/app
  • get blogs updates instantly
  • comment on other blogs from my own site/app.

These other blogs could be run by 1999.io or snippets.today or any other blogging/aggregator software.

Blogging software dropped the ball on Easy and Fun.

Because Easy is Hard. But if was Easy it wouldn't be Fun! :-)

Easy Typing of Mentions for Decentralized Blogs with Markdown

So this post is a demo where I can type easily, using Markdown syntax for links, a mention of Dave Winer and Doc.

For typing the previous links, i used the following Markdown syntax: a mention of [Dave Winer] and [Doc].

The blogging software took care of converting this syntax to the correct HTML links.

This is the plain text equivalent of an autocomplete widget (like you have in Twitter or Facebook to autocomplete users names/usernames) :-)

Mentions and Global Usernames

So, if you want to use blogs or microblogs as an alternative to Twitter and similar networks, you need an easy way to manage mentions (the @jy stuff) and a global username (so there is only one @jy).

I now think a simple way to manage a global username is actually..... to not have a global username. How nice is that ?!? :-D

I don't think we need a global username system.

If I want to mention someone, for example Dave, I don't need a fancy global username system. See, I mentioned him in the last sentence without you realizing it, with a simple hyperlink to his blog. Awesome. :-)

If I want to use Dave, Dave Winer, or Uncle Dave, that's my choice, i just need to point to his blog URL. There is no ambiguity on the person i'm mentioning.

So. Was it that easy Mister Feynman!?

OK not really. Now comes the actual work. All is in the UI. We need :

  • An editor where you can type easily a mention (i want to type "Dave" and have it autocomplete to the previous URL mention).
  • A personal "address book" who knows that Dave is http://www.scripting.com/ (actually, his RSS feed http://www.scripting.com/rss.xml, but more on this later).

Well, that's The Plan.

Any comment welcome. As you cannot leave comments for now here (please come back in a couple years when I figured this out! :-D ), use any digital means you wish, including my email.

Wes Nisker: "If you don't like the news... go out and make some of your own" (have read that some time ago on Scripting News)

What's next?

I now have a simple basic blog. You're reading it. A WYSIWYG editor, a Markdown one. It's pretty rad.

I also have a simple but working RSS Aggregator. It supports PubSubHubbub and RSS Cloud feeds so i can get their updates almost instantly. rad x2.

So what's next ?!

Next is figuring out a nice way to manage mentions between any blogs. It's not like i have not already thought about that in the past.

There's already code in there under the hood, but more work is needed.

It needs to be easy as shit, if you pardon my French.

To be continued.


Worse than ads, paid services that do also force ads on you.

Yes, I'm in a movie theater right now, waiting for The Secret Life Of Pets to start... :-)

Is this thing on?!

So, after starting blogging in march 2001, and switching to Twitter over the time like everyone and their dog, i'll try blogging again.

This is my new experimental blog and playground for trying new things. Feel free to subscribe, but if there's no subscriber it's fine too. :-)

It starts with a very basic blog, and an aggregator supporting PubSubHubbub and RSS Cloud. It's awesome.